Books on the Shelf: January 2020

Books on the Shelf: January 2020

Jack and I are both readers and spend great swaths of time each week absorbed in books. We keep a book in the car to be read aloud by whichever of us in not driving. And of course, we are each reading our own books going as well. I aim to keep one fiction book and at least one non-fiction book going all the time. Here are the current selections:

After reading through the entire Mitch Rapp series, by Vince Flynn, last year, Jack and I are now reading through the Scot Harvath series, by Brad Thor. We are currently about to finish up the second book in that series, The Path of the Assassin.

I am a long-time fan of anything Brock and Bodie Thoene have ever written. This winter I am reading through the Zion Covenant series again. I just started the 8th book in the series, Paris Encore. This series is historical fiction at its best and always challenges me to be aware of how seemingly small actions can have lasting consequences in the lives of others.

My non-fiction book right now is Ruby Payne’s book, Bridges Out of Poverty. Our local community is awakening to the need for deeper solutions to generational poverty. This book is amazing, as have been the in-person and online workshops that I have attended.

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